We are changing the Czech branch from the Smybox name to Smilebox .We are celebrating 10 years at your events!

Smilebox is the first thing that I truly enjoy doing and that makes sense
I'm always in a good mood working at Smilebox and so those graphics and hand drawn backdrops are practically making themselves :)
I was born to be a Smileboxer - you will meet me at your event and there is a good chance I will photobomb your picture :)
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We have the best job ever

What we do is a two way street. Seeing your happy faces gives meaning to our everyday work and truly brings us so much joy. We love Smybox and hopefully it shows. The thing we enjoy the most is when we are challenged creatively - that's when we work relentlessly to turn your fresh, new idea into reality. A lot of hard work goes into production and we believe it is appreciated. Smybox is about letting loose, being a kid again, being silly. It's about emotions - about being happy and careless for a minute and passing that feeling onto the next person. We burn that memory into a photo, that will hang on your fridge for a long, long time.

Smilebox se vyrábí v České republice

Smybox is made inthe Czech republic

Smybox takes after the traditional photo booth, that have been around for almost a century. They produce great photos, but they are not fit to be taken on the road - they are way too heavy. We took the idea of instant photography and turned something old into something new with a touch of magic of modern technologies. We came up with radical changes to the original concept so that anyone can enjoy having a picture taken with their friends. We are a czech company, based in Prague - Vršovice and we have developed all the hardware and software components ourselves. Smybox is a team of talented designers, engineers and illustrators.

We are going global with Smybox

In 2014, we launched our first franchise abroad under the name Smybox. We created a unique name, that bears a similarity to our original brand Smilebox, but one that we can use for all other franchises around the world. We first began in Spain, then came Romania, and in 2016 we launched Smybox in Germany and Brasil. We look forward to adding more flags on the world map and so we decided to join forces with our Smybox family in other countries under one unifying name. If you are interested in joining our ranks, have a look at SMYBOX.COM

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