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Terms & Conditions

What are the privacy terms?
Tiskem fotografie nebo zasláním digitální verze fotografie na e-mail při konání akce v konkrétní čas, vyjadřuji ve smyslu nařízení Evropského parlamentu a Rady (EU) č. 2016/679 o ochraně fyzických osob svůj souhlas s publikováním fotografií na webových stránkách a to minimálně po dobu 5 let od ukončení akce. Přesto, že jsou fotografie v galerii pod heslem, k nim má přístup každý, komu bude sděleno heslo (tedy i mimo okruh hostů akce). Uložení e-mailové adresy slouží pouze k zaslání fotografií (odkazem nebo v příloze) na zadaný email a není pak zařazen do naši databáze pro posílání občasného zpravodaje nebo nabídky našich služeb. Osobní údaje budou zpracovávány výlučně společností Smilebox s.r.o. se sídlem Charkovská 24, Praha 10 a pouze za výše uvedeným účelem. Osobní údaje nebudou předávány třetím osobám. Tímto prohlašuji, že udělení souhlasu je dobrovolné a jsem si vědom zveřejnění fotografií v online galerii a zpracování zadané e-mailové adresy. Beru na vědomí, že mám právo kdykoliv souhlas se zveřejněním fotografií odvolat, a to nejlépe nahlášením pomocí ikonky koše u každé fotky v online galerii na stránkách Případně lze požádat o smazání zasláním požadavku na email nebo pro další informace nás kontaktovat na telefonu: +420 776 677 026

Before event

What kind of events is Smilebox suitable for?
All kinds - parties, corporate events, weddings, or conferences. Simply put, any place where there is fun to be had, and to be captured on film.
What kind of events isn't Smybox suitable for?
Events where people are expected to be quiet or where there are no people at all. There is always quite a commotion around Smybox. Also, general rule is that it is more suitable for evenings rather than early mornings.
What is needed to have Smilebox at my event?
Smilebox needs 3 x 3 meters of floor area, at least 2,2 meters of ceiling height, one electrical outlet of 230 V and ideally a Wi-Fi for instant emailing and sharing of photos at the event (in case there is no Wi-Fi, we can use our own LTE modems)
When can i expect you at my event?
We begin installing Smybox two hours prior to the event, however for a small fee, we can arrive even earlier.
Is the installation noisy or disruptive?
We bring Smybox to your event in several transportation cases. We need around an hour to set it all up along with a backdrop and props. We are not at all noisy.
How much for transportation?
Within 50 km radius outside of Prague, transportation is free of charge, anything further than that there is a charge of 6,50 CZK per kilometer.
Can I have my backdrop and props custom-made?
Absolutely, we would love to make something new and fresh just for your party! We want every element around Smybox to fit your party's theme, that's also why we make our own backdrops and hand painted wooden or sewn props. We also like to dig through antique stores for something special.
What will the printed photos look like?
Smybox can put together multiple shots on a single print, thus allowing you to create your own "photo story". We can fit three or four photos on a print. Everyone at the party can choose a version that they like, however we need to prepare them in advance.
Can I have my brand or logo on the Smilebox photos?
There are couple of ways how to promote your logo or brand - one of them is through a prop that people hold up in the picture. The best way to give your brand visibility is to place it in the graphics or as a watermark - that way it will appear on every printed photo.
Can you choose the backdrop and props instead of me?
If you have a clear idea, we are happy to make it a reality. We are also capable of selecting the right accessories for your event for you.
Can I see previews of my photos?
Before coming to your party, we will give you a preview of what the print is going to look like along with the graphics and people in it for a better idea.
Is it possible to choose Smileboxers' outfit?
We will adjust many things to the theme of your event, one of them being our dress code. Smileboxers can dress up in something casual, more elegant or even as a sailor :)
I would like to collect people's email adresses at the event. Is it possible?
We can automatically collect email addresses of everyone who will send their photo via email during the event. This has to be arranged beforehand. Those who will do so will have to confirm a disclaimer about emails being stored.
Can I share my photos from a party via Facebook?
Sharing photos via Facebook is really easy with Smybox. People can either post a photo to their personal account, or we can upload all photos to a single Facebook profile. You can choose the name of the album, caption or a #hashtag for each photo.
Does everything have to be finalized in advance?
The graphics, backdrop and props for sure. We should also decide beforehand whether or not your gallery will be private or public, and the body of email that your guests will use to send their photos to their email address. There are couple of things that can be added on site, such as extending the rent or adding more prints.

At the event

Who is in charge of operating Smybox during my event?
There are always two handy Smyboxers present at each event. They bring Smybox to the event and set everything up on time. Before the fun begins, they will show you how Smybox works, how the printed photos are coming out and with their assistance you will be able to customize the text of outgoing emails. Throughout the entire event, they will help your guests with taking pictures, and at the end of it they will pack everything up. You will be given their contact info beforehand.
How long can I have Smilebox for?
That is entirely up to you. Our standard package is for 3 hours, however we can also go for 20 hours, or even for couple of days :) The minimum number of hours is 2.
What else needs to be set up on site?
Before fun with Smybox can begin, we will need to know if your photo gallery will be public or password protected. If so, we will write the password in the email that your guests will be sending to themselves along with their photo, so that they have access to the gallery after the event. You will have time to check and edit the text of that email. We may also have to find out what the Wi-Fi password is or perhaps set up a projector.
Can I extend my time with Smilebox on site?
We will be glad if you do, all you have to do is arrange that with Smileboxers on site.
What kind of photos do you print?
Typically we print on a large "postcard" format 13 x 18 cm so that your photos are nice and sharp. That way we can fit several photos on a single print along with your graphics. We can also print on 10 x 15 cm, if prearranged.
At what point can I see what the final print is going to look like?
After we set up Smybox, we will show you couple of test prints with all the different layouts. You can send the photos to your email address so that you have it in digital form as well.
Can I access photos from my phone?
Of course, that's what our mobile app Smybox is here for. Available on App Store ( and also on Google Play (
Are photos for free at the event?
Yes. The price of Smybox includes printed photos, your guests can have unlimited amount of fun and prints! We also have a version without print, and a version which allows people to pay individually for their photos.
What is Smilebox made of?
We use professional equipment for every component - paper, lights, professional SLR camera. There are tons of photographic paper, cabels and electronics hidden within Smilebox, along with some secret ingredients that create the best possible photos at your party.

After the event

When will my photo gallery be ready?
All photos get retouched and sorted through before a gallery is created. After that, we will send you the link to the gallery and your password within two working days.
Are all galleries password protected?
Whether your gallery will be public or not will be agreed on in advance. However, it is very easy to change these settings, change your password, or make your gallery private any time after the event.
Who is the admin?
The administrator or admin is whoever has access to edit the gallery. This is usually the person who organized the event and booked Smybox for it, but in the end, anyone can be made admin.
Can I delete some of the photos from my gallery?
You will be given administrator's login that will allow you to edit the gallery - that means deleting photos that nobody is supposed to see :)
I am not the administrator, but I would like to delete a photo of me. How can I do that?
Copy the URL of the photo and send it to the administrator. Administrator should ask his guests if they wish to have their photos online publicly, password protected or not at all. If you don't know who the admin is, send the photo's URL directly to Smybox.
Can i attach comments to photos?
Yes, the administrator can attach comments to photos.
Can I download my photos in print quality?
Yes, you will receive all the photos in full quality. On request, we can also send you the printed versions, with graphics.

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