Smileboxtakes great pictures

Our wonderful machines represent the use of modern technologies and a know-how of photography on the highest level.

Print your photos on the spot and take them home with you

Multiple shots combined on a single print create a story. Graphics that were designed especially for your event get attached to every photo.

Smilebox lets you shareyour photos with friends

Share your joy with others. Via email, facebook or twitter? Or simply share them using your phone with the help of our Smilebox mobile web gallery.

Get silly with all kinds of props

Our props let you channel your inner kid into the photos. We can also make themappropriate for more formal occasions.

Smilebox is the first thing that I truly enjoy doing and that makes sense.
David, the inventor of Smilebox

Here are a few thingsto keep in mind

Floor area of 3 x 3 meters

There's usually crowds of people around Smilebox, so it's good to have enough space for them.

230V outlet

Smilebox is pretty self-reliant, but still needs electricity to keep going.

Wi-Fi or a 3G cell signal

Smilebox can do without internet connection, but it's needed in order to share your photos instantly.

Party customized to your wishes

The backdropthat you want

There's many to choose from, even a simple white one.
Have a look at our backdrops

It's more fun topose with props

Either choose from our catalogue, or let's put our heads together and make new ones just for you.
Catalogue of props

Customized graphicsfor the photos

We oversee the design for each event, either completely by ourselves, or in accordance with your company guidelines.
Look at some examples

Every photo safelyin your own album

If you don't like particular photos, they won't appear anywhere. Your gallery can also be password-protected.

Smilebox in not a job, Smilebox is lifestyle!
Theodora, Smilebox Champion

We take careof everything

Every detail is arranged prior to your event, plus we arrive two hours in advance.We also take care of everything during your party, so that you can relax and enjoy it with your friends.

Experienced Smileboxersare here to help

Two people from our team make sure everything goes smoothly at the event

Your wishis our command

Our standard package is for 3 hours of services and includes unlimited prints. However we can spend the entire day, or even several, at your event - whatever you might need.

Mila is not typical dog for all day long cuddle. She loves every spherical things you can imagine and will be grateful for every minute you spend with her in the nearest park.
Mila, dog

There are many othercomplimentary cool features

Nifty iPad

Allows you to make extra prints of your photos, email them, or share them on your facebook profile.

Přizpůsobení e-mailů s fotkami

Customization of emails

We are able to prepare a disclosure agreement for your guests to check off; we can use your company address for outgoing emails ( and customize the text of the emails. Photos are sent as attachments or as links for download.

Promítání fotek na projektor

Slideshow ofyour photos

We can create a slideshow of your photos by connecting to a projector or a large screen.

Galerie na našem webu a fotky v plné velikosti

Gallery of your photos in full resolution on our website

After the event, all the photos get sorted through, retouched and uploaded into a gallery on our website. They are available for download in full resolution, which allows you to print extra copies.

There's a lot more we can do, but it takeslonger to set up and it costs a little extra.

We are a bunch of professional and aspiring photographers and artists who love to tackle any special request you might have.We also have some of the best programmers at our disposal, and they really are miracle workers!

Oživlý Smilebox

Photographer witha printer

A "real-life" photographer equipped with a printer and an iPad that lets you print and share your photos. The ideal combination of technology with a human touch :)

Foto/video report z vašeho večírku

Photo/video report from your party

We are not only skilled at taking great pictures but also at making beautiful videos.
Check out this preview

Výroba knížky nebo videa ze Smilebox fotek

Photo album/video using Smilebox photos

We can either put together an album with the craziest of snapshots or use them to create a short video.

Soutěž s fotkami na facebooku nebo instagramu

Photo contests using facebook or instagram

Each photo receives a unique code, which is sent via email at the event. We can then generate links with the exact locations of the photos or use the codes for various contests. Pairing of these links with the outgoing email addresses allows for great online contests!

Upload fotek na microsite během akce

Upload photos on a microsite during your event

We can upload photos on a microsite or create an album on our website in advance - either way, photos are online immediately!

Instalace pro velké festivaly pomocí RFID čtečky

Using RFID readers - great for big festivals

We can connect Smybox with the RFID technology so that reading the bracelets with chips in them will make it possible to pair a photo with the person in the photo wearing the bracelet. This special feature has been perfected at and is ideal for large music festivals. Smybox can also connect to your API and send info about photos and chips for you to use further on.

Invite Smilebox to your party!

Reasonable prices, limitless possibilities!