Unique backdrop that is hand crafted from start to finish
Elegant props as a cherry on top
Each photo is delivered in a beautiful envelope made of fine, transparent paper
Second printer equipped with our iPad application for twice the prints
1 783 photos taken, 1 373 prints made in the 13 x 18 cm format
The launch of our Smilebox smart phone app that allows viewing all photos from events
Each year, unique, handmade backdrops are being made so that they correspond with the selected theme and therefore become a visual symbol of the ball for many guests. After all, it is Smilebox photos that make their ways to social networks and into many homes. Smileboxers are always gracious and professional, even when faced with 1200 guests, and every one of them wants a photo. We are glad that Smybox has remained our dance partner for three years.
Zuzana Fryaufová

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